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Local History

History of Bushy Park and local areas that club runners frequent.

Dodder Park at Milltown

Following Peter Knagg's most interesting history of Bushy Park last week, I was inspired to expand on his tale by presenting a further piece of Dodder Park history, from my own ‘burbs east of...

Ely Arch

  The Triumphal Arch was built in 1767 as a "new gate" to Rathfarnham Castle to commemorate the return of the castle into the hands of the Loftus family. Rathfarnham Castle was originally built for the...
Canal in the Alblasserbos

Jingle Jangle along the Royal Canal

Of all the things the last year has taken from us, travel may seem trivial, but I’ve learned it is among the most missed to me as a runner. Virtual racing is unsatisfying not...