Last month we mentioned we were going to do a couple of runs in Wicklow as a sunday long run and give people a chance to run part of the Wicklow Way Relay route. The price for doing this unfortunately was me entering the Leinster indoor 1500m race. We have picked Sunday the 25th of February for the first run. We did Leg 4 at Christmas so we are going to do Leg 5 next which starts at Glendalough visitor centre and finishes at Glenmalure. The below Strava map may look intimidating but we wont leave anyone behind and will regroup along the way. Leg 5 is 13.7Km long with 560m total climb. For those that want a bit more fun we can continue on into Leg 6 and those that don’t can stop at Glenmalure. There is breakfast available at Glenmalure and this month there is also a mobile Sauna there. Naoise has tried it out and for a few euro you can use the Sauna and then cool down in the river which seems a perfect end to a mountain run.

On the Wicklow Way run at Christmas apparently some people did not realise we were running Leg 4 and then running all the way back. Some people just don’t listen. This time because the climb is harder, and to have food in Glenmalure, it makes more sense to drive to Glenmalure and use half the cars to drive back to Glendalough. Then when the run is over we drive back to the cars in Glendalough.

So what do you need to do?

-Please send a quick email back to the club if you want to do the run. Say if you have a car and can give people a lift or that you need a lift. Also say if you are interested in the Sauna so we can have an idea of numbers so we can book it.

– If you have trail runners it would be a good idea to use them. Bring a change of warm clothes and a towel. Make sure to bring a running jacket if it gets cold on the run and a pair of gloves and hat is also a good idea.

-The plan is to meet at the clubhouse at 9.00am and drive from there to Glenmalure