Report by Siobhan Clarke

Lots of chat in advance of the Wicklow Hospice Half-Marathon about race strategy, and negative splits and all those good things that good runners apparently think about. I don’t, but I do love to chat!

Then we were driving to the race, aiming for 9:00ish registration for a 10:00 start. The drive was hilly. And the weather was windy. End of all strategies!

Avondale Forest Park is a lovely venue, though I did find the course very hilly. And the wind always seemed to be against you, especially going up-hill! Immediately after the start, there’s an up-hill, and that set the tone for the 231 half-marathoners. The course is a double-loop, so every hill had a practice run! A good part of it is in the forest, which is scenic and sheltered, so that was nice. Great to bump into Eoin at the start of the race, so that meant there were three Sportsworld folk (Eoin, Padraic and me).

Not a great day for PBs, though I came 2nd (out of 9) in my race category – just don’t ask me what that is! It was good training though, and looking forward to next time.

Sportsworld Results

Leanne HANRAHAN 00:54:32

Half Marathon
Padraic MORAN 01:44:42
Siobhan CLARKE 01:56:02 PB!
Eoin O’BRIEN 01:56:48