It was a glorious and sunny day as some Sportsworlders set out to run the Trim 10 mile. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions! Some of us had met in the OPW parking lot before the race to warmup together. Before we did the warmup, we of course tried to find out where the porter loos were situated as the nerves can often bring on a need to use the bathroom and we certainly did not want this issue prevailing itself whilst running 16km’s. 

Race reporter Shauna with Katie photobombing

The distance from the car park to the start line was just under 2km’s and we used this as our warmup. As we got closer to the start line, we could hear music belting from the heavens. When we arrived at the start line, we were greeted with a DJ playing some 80’s music which definitely motivated people and helped to get everyone into the spirit of running their hearts out in a 16km race.

I would take a wild guess and say that just under 2,000 runners attended the event. The streets were full of athletes of all stages dressed in their finest running attire, warming up and getting pumped up for the run. 

The support was phenomenal from the local community, there were two water stations along the way which many people dodged (including myself) to aim for my best time, no water was going to slow us down!! 

The volunteers were extremely motivating at times when it was really needed to get us over those unexpected drags (hills in my eyes)! 

There were local families and children standing on the side of the road handing out jellies and other sugary goods to keep everyone appropriately fuelled. The feeling of support from the local community was almost overwhelming.

As you approached the finish line supporters and volunteers had gathered to welcome everyone with open arms, congratulating each and every finisher shouting ‘you’re almost there, you can do it’! which was certainly welcomed at the 15.60 km mark!! At the finish line there was chocolate cake, cupcakes, bananas, mars bars, Twix’s, snickers and all the healthy stuff!! All in all, it was a very successful and thoroughly enjoyable day. 

Some of the Sportsworld contingent with their banana stash affter the race