Back in April this year the National Road Relays were supposed to happen but because of Covid restrictions it could not take place. Instead a virtual race took place. It was tough as most people didn’t have the training sessions needed to run 1and 2 mile flat out and even tougher doing the distance virtually with no one to race against.

At short notice Raheny got permission to hold the real event last Sunday and teams were quickly put together. The race has a lot of history and it is a really unique event so it was great it got a chance to go ahead.

For those that have never done the race you run on the roads in a housing estate in Raheny. Ladies and Masters teams have 3 on a team, first leg 1mile, 2nd leg 2mile, 3rd leg 1miles. Men’s senior have a fourth 3 mile leg. Runners line up beside the green and its a 1 mile loop around the estate. The first half has a slight climb but once you turn the top corner you feel your running down hill to the finish.

Its hard to describe how gruelling the 1 mile and 2 mile legs are and you feel everyone there racing are top club runners and those spectating are past top runners who know their stuff. If you feel like you give 100% at the training sessions at the Road Relays you feel you gave 200%. The fact that you are on a team and that the races can be decided on just a few seconds makes you put in something extra.

We had 6 teams racing in the National road relays which was great at such short notice and two teams got National bronze as well.

Full results below, some of the names and positions are mixed up

Click to access Irish_Life_Health_AAI_Road_Relay_Results_2021.pdf