Saturday Training Sessions

Sportsworld have structured and supervised training sessions every Tuesday, Thursday AND Saturday. These training sessions are open to everyone and all are welcome. 

Saturday training sessions are no more difficult than Tuesday or Thursday evenings, if you are able for them you are well able for the Saturday sessions.

Saturday training sessions are coached by Emily and Myles so all levels of experience are looked after, like weekday training sessions.

Saturday training is also excellent for improving fitness levels, especially if you missed a session during the week.

These Saturday sessions are in various locations. During the Spring/Summer (track season) we go to the running track at Tallaght AC and in the Autumn/Winter (cross country season) we usually train in the Phoenix Park along with a couple of other locations. 

Most importantly each session finishes with coffee and cake afterwards in a local establishment!

Get updates on weekend training by signing up for the Sportsworld email sent every Friday morning; subscribe at the bottom of this page. This will give you information on that weekends training location, time and meeting point.