Report by James Brady

Thanks to Gareth Murran for the photos

The Rock n’Roll Marathon 2015 again kicked off at 8.30 in the morning. A fact that must affect the contingent of club runners from around the country hoping to compete in the national half. At least it was a bank holiday Sunday! The rain managed to hold off for a start of approximately 5000 runners.


The race starts near the Point Theatre (Three Area for the cool kids) and makes its way along the Liffey , past Heuston Station, through the museum of modern art and eventually making its way into Chapelizod. This is the first year I actually thought some of the bands were decent, maybe I was going slow enough to appreciate the music this time round! As the run went on the crowds got a little bigger which always makes things a little easier. Mile 6-8 makes its way along Conyngham Road where there was actually a nice breeze instead of those last 100 metre breeze we seem to get at the track in Tallaght.


Coming into the Phoenix Park it was great to hear Myles giving us a cheer on from across the road. Thanks Myles, all support is welcome! So back on very familiar territory for the last 5 miles. There is a slow uphill drag along Chesterfield Avenue and I felt all of every bit of it. It was again great to see Paddy and Joe and a while later more Sportsworld stewards giving loads of encouragement when you definitely most needed it; right before the climb up the hill at St. Marys.


With a mile to go you top of the last of the hills and suddenly hear a band singing “oh oh, we’re half way there, oh oh…” and all I could think of why didn’t he change the lyrics to “oh oh, you’re almost there, oh oh…”. Half way! Come on. Definitely a little delirium setting in here.


There is a decent finish to the race and this year the finishing area was pretty impressive, as was the massive bags of Keogh’s crisps and free Erdinger! Oddly my time was 1.30 minutes slower than 2013 but finished 44 places higher.


It goes to show how many club runners have dropped out of this event in the past two years. Overall it’s actually a nice event just don’t expect a personnel best or some steady pacing! Well done to all the Sportsworld runners and thanks again to the stewards.

Full Results: Rock N Roll Website National Half Marathon Championship Results: Athletics Ireland Results

Sportsworld Results:

James Brady 1.23.49
Kiernan Foley 1.29.41
Noreen Brouder 1.33.03
Jose Chapa 1.35.25
Naoise Waldron 1.43.56
KIllian McMorrow 1.45.33
Emma Barry 1.55.18
Madeleine Byrne 1.55.43
Ed Collins 2.02.06
Yvonne Cummins 2.12.29
Paula Dooley 2.19.26


Sportsworlds Stephen Willoughby on pacing duty last Saturday