Race report by Neil Purdy

Photos from Rock n Roll Facebook page: Click here

So second race this week following the DLR Bay 10 K on Monday I lined up for the Dublin leg of the Rock ‘n’ Roll (half) marathon series. Was early enough down to the start line but still didn’t see any familiar faces in the crowd.


Race reporter Neil hydrating before the race

The route looked ok on paper with a long stretch up the quay’s and through Kilmainham, Chapelizod and into the park for the long stretch up Chesterfield Avenue and the well-known Military road and upper Glen road hills to finish.


Atmosphere was good at the start line as the corals were let loose on Dublin. I set off just ahead of the 1.45 pacer and settled in quickly enough. Was nice to have the city roads free to run on and took in the sights of the quays and the music from the first of the bands along the route.

Our course took a little diversion up Winetavern St just to add another hill and show off Christ church cathedral for the visiting runners.


Back to the quays and up towards Guinness, Avoid eye contact with the black gates until after the race!!

As we reached Kilmainham the sun began to split the clouds and the 1.45 pacer charged past me. I eyed the Garmin but everything seemed fine, either I had got the pacing wrong or he was banking time for the hilly finish.  Anyway I continued on at my pace and we left Kilmainham with another band playing away for the passing runners.

We were now on the reverse of the Dublin marathon route heading to Chapelizod with some welcome downhill sections to catch a breath.

The first sight of the park was the split for the 10K finish, Very tempting to take that turn and be done but onwards we went with a nice breeze on our back which was welcome but knew it wouldn’t be when we turned into the park.


‘Oh hello wind’ – Yep I was right the wind was right in the face for the long section up Chesterfield Avenue. A welcome left turn onto Acres Road took us out of the wind and some encouragement from the Sports world Marshalls was welcome. At this point I passed the 1.45 pacer and the much smaller group.

Last two hills were tough enough with wind in the face but again some great encouragement for Myles and Dave pushed me up the last climb and onto the last flat section before turning and putting in a kick for the finish line.


Was happy with a finish time of 1.44.43 which gave me a 10s PB over my last half!

Huge congratulations to the womens team of Noreen, Ruth and Naoise who where the runners up in the National Half Marathon Championship and picked up silver medals! Noreen also came 2nd in her age category so she gets another medal for her efforts! Full club results below.


Sportsworld Results

National Half Marathon Championship

Justin MCKEEVER 01:23:47
James BRADY 01:24:23
Diarmuid O’SUILLEABHAIN 01:25:37
Noreen BROUDER 01:25:39 (Team Silver Medal + Individual Age Category Silver Medal!)
Ruth KELLY 01:33:38 (Team Silver Medal!)
Damien GERAGHTY 01:35:42
Naoise WALDRON 01:37:35 (Team Silver Medal!)
Caoimhe COSTIGAN 01:38:06
Francis MAHON 01:44:04
Neil PURDY 01:45:03
Adrian LANIGAN 01:53:18
Emma BARRY 01:56:55
Mairead DAUNT 01:57:15
Grainne LYNCH 1:58:41
Ed COLLINS 02:02:31
Paula DOOLEY 02:03:42


Peter KNAGGS 0:42:08
Noel LYNAM 0:47:20
Stephen WILLOUGHBY 0:47:24
Katie NUGENT 0:48:33
Nuala O’CONNOR 0:49:44
Denis MCCAUL 0:49:47
Sandra KELLY 0:50:07
Aggie BUCKLEY 0:50:20
Madeleine BYRNE 0:51:50
Rosie MULHERN 0:52:45
Phil DALY 0:54:58