The national road relays 2011 took place on the now familiar Raheny mile last Sunday. With many of the clubs top runners recovering from injury or taking time out for study getting both the numbers and our strongest teams together was always going to be difficult. We did really well considering fitness, injuries etc and had some great performances from late entrants.

The race is run on a course around Raheny which is a little over a mile. Times are always slower than they would be on the track with the slightest incline being felt whilst running at the faster pace. The standard is very high with the top runners in the country taking part.

The club had no masters teams taking place part this year in either the mens or womens races. Two of our masters were running in the senior ladies. The team put in a fantastic performance coming home in 6th place. The men did well also coming home 16th out of 23 but not far behind allot of other teams.

Helen White – 00:05:37
Jean Wilson – 00:11:32
Lucy Darcy – 00:05:46


Paul O’Connell – 10:08
Gareth Murran – 4:47
Paul Duffy – 15:46
Liam Mc Fadden – 11:25