Report by Claire Rowley

Thanks to Anthony Gillen for the race photos and Liam Lenehan for the cover picture.

Full Sportsworld results below – 35 finishers!

Arriving early for once to collect my number, there was a small crowd warming up and jogging down to the start line, but this quickly changed as the high numbers for this run turned out on the sunny Sunday morning.

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This is the usual 5K club route so I was thinking I should be used to this …you would think! It’s very different when running it in a race.

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The race started just before the Tesco in Rathfarmham and went downhill for the first few meters until hitting the turn up towards tenure which took a little more effort. Once back on the flat, past the bank of Ireland and running back towards bushy park. However not home yet as the race past the park and moved back towards Tesco with about 600 meters to go towards the finish.


One of the best things about being in a running club is the number of people you know along the route cheering club members on. Thanks for those who came out to support.

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The final 200 meters was the longest ever, your nearly there I heard a few times! (why did this 200 meters seem longer than normal!).

After crossing the finish line, I saw the sea of Sports world colours all gathered together after the race. There is lots of chatter about results and the upcoming awards night!

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Well done to all, great morning and great results!

Here are a few to mention:

  • The womens team came 3rd! Noreen Brouder, Helen Brouder and Mary finn.
  • Noreen was 5th women home overall with Helen 10th.
  • Orla O’flynn and Eileen Bulter came 3rd and 4th in their age category
  • Aileen Melody came 2nd in her age category too
  • Declan Bady came 5th in his age category

And all the Sportsworld results:

Karol CRONIN 00:15:30
Conor MCCARTHY 00:16:37
Stephen O’DONNELL 00:17:16
Noreen BROUDER 00:17:24
William GREENSMYTH 00:17:34

Wesley HARRISON 00:17:37
Derek SAVILLE 00:17:40
Helen BROUDER 00:18:20
Conor KEATING 00:18:48
Michael LILLIS 00:18:58

David SAUNDERS 00:19:05
Declan BRADY 00:19:20
Mary FINN 00:19:19
Denis MCCAUL 00:19:24
Ruth KELLY 00:19:37

Sandra ARMSTRONG 00:20:18
Eoin O’BRIEN 00:20:24
Aidan CURRAN 00:20:36
Fergal DUFFY 00:20:46
Noel LYNAM 00:20:48

Margaret CROWLEY 00:20:49
Aine KELLY 00:20:55
Anna DELANEY 00:21:07
Orla O’FLYNN 00:21:28
Mark HEFFERNAN 00:21:24

Anne DALTON 00:21:29
Eileen BUTLER 00:21:29
Clare ROWLEY 00:22:21
Thomas KINSELLA 00:22:27
Sandra GOWRAN 00:22:56

Aileen MELODY 00:23:23
Valerie POWER 00:23:35
Maria FINNEGAN 00:23:38
Clare FINNEGAN 00:25:07
John HEFFERNAN 00:29:27