Conditions were perfect for the annual Rathfarnham 5KM. It’s a popular race with club members but one I’ve never managed to do so was looking forward to it. I had heard that it was a fast, PB course. After a warm up with Martina we joined the other Sportsworld singlets at the start line. There was a good buzz with everyone telling each other to enjoy the race when a voice piped up “5k’s aren’t to be enjoyed” Thanks Adrian, you are right. We have a job to do.

On d lads

With that we were off. I had heard that it was a fast start but I was not prepared for how fast – we took off like greyhounds out of a cage! Ray Carpenter came up alongside me and said “this is way too fast” as he continued to speed on ahead of me, his fluorescent T-shirt becoming a mere beacon of light in the distance. 1 KM done and my watch buzzed 4.09!! Cop yourself on Grainne I thought, you have no business running at this pace, who do you think you are. So I slowed it down anxiously (my head always wins these battles unfortunately). There were no surprises on the course as it’s one we are familiar with being one of our regular winter training routes. As always there was great Sportsworld support along the route. There were too many of you to mention but thank you!!

Team 4th – woohoo!

I came across the finish line 1 second off my 5KM PB. Not too shabby I thought. Not great but it’ll do! It took me about 3 minutes to realise that this mediocre run was not going to get me any attention. Worried that Gemma White and Martina Nolan-Jones (both ran blinders picking up fantastic PB’s) would take all the limelight I knew I had to do something. Without going into too much detail my plan involved me sitting on a wall, dizzy and disoriented wrapped in tin foil with the Civil Defence checking all my vitals. Not content with this I sent poor Gemma and Martina off in a panic looking for sugar for me. In fairness to the girls they brought me back a nice little stash only for it to be taken away from me as it was discovered my glucose levels were far too high (the cause of me feeling unwell).  Anyway, my plan was going great – I was surrounded by concerned Sportsworlders until Neil Purdy showed up with his camera. Showing a complete disregard for me he announced “club photo”. I swear,  I have never seen a bunch of concerned people lose interest in their object of concern so quickly! Within seconds I was looking at their backs as they posed for the photo (if you look closely you will see my feet right behind Diarmuid). Gemma however was the exception. She pulled me up off the wall much to the annoyance of the Civil Defence and proceeded to argue with them “she’ll be grand, I’ll hold her up long enough for the photo” she lost the argument  but cheers Gem!!

Race reporter Grainne finally comes round at the sound of the words “coffee” and “cheesecake”

Back to the race: Karl Chatterton was the first male home for Sportsworld in a super time of 16.36 while Maria Jones led the girls in with a fantastic time of 18.25. Well done to Declan Brady who not only got himself a PB but also came second in his age category. The ladies team also did great coming 4th so congrats to Maria, Katie, Gemma and Martina. There was some great running so well done to all who got out and raced. Post race saw myself (fully recovered you will all be relieved to hear), Maria, Gemma, Katie and Olive drinking coffee, eating cake, talking and laughing for 5 hours!! It was a great day and I’ll be back next year with a PB and without the drama!


Karl Chatterton                                 16:36

Wesley Harrison                               16:42

Stephen O’Donnell                         17.02

Brian Byrne                                         17.30

Maria Jones                                        18.25

Diarmuid O’Suilleabhain                18.36

Peter Knaggs                                     18.53

Declan Brady                                      18.54

Noel Tobin                                          19.59

Liam Lenehan                                    20.00

Katie Nugent                                     20.31

Ray Carpenter                                   21.18

Gemma White                                  21.55

Martina Nolan-Jones                      22.08

Adrian Lannigan                                22.10

Lisa Singleton                                     22.25

Grainne Lynch                                   22.27

Ann Sweeney                                    24.13