The annual Adidas 5 mile kicked off on Saturday July 17th on a relatively cool day but the main showers held off for after the race.  For some this is a chance to use some of the speed picked up in the track training for a relatively short race and for others this is the first step on the marathon trail like stepping into a freezing cold swimming pool and hoping your body will adjust. The Adidas series has a good race reputation and each year they do seem to make improvements, like having three separate starts this year to fan the runners out and they have dropped the tooth paste from the goody bag. However there has been a good few reports that the race was short on the distance. So much time, effect and money is put into chip timing which is useless if the course is short, most runners wear watches so if there is no chip timing you know yourself if you got a PB even if no one else does but if the course is wrong you can’t compare your times with previous years or races and can’t really tell if you had a good race. As usual good support from Myles on the S-bends and Rachael Morgan and Paul O Connell where there to make sure you died at the finish line and not 400meters to go. Top 20 finishers in their category Paul Duffy, Gareth Murran, Stephanie Bergin, Louise Nolan, Orla Jordan, Ruth Kelly, Ed McEntee, Joe Byrne, Sean OByrne.
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Race Report By: Michael Cunningham