Report by Aileen Melody

Photos by Sandra Gowran

Sportsworld results below.

Sunday 21st August started off a dull calm day weather wise and after the gales and rain from the day before the bunch of Sportsworld Masters set off to the National Masters Track & Field championships thankful they weren’t on the day before!


Race Reporter Aileen picking up a gold medal!

First up on the track at 12 O clock were the girls taking part in the 3,000m race. They were Ruth Kelly, Anna Delaney, Lucy Darcy and Sandra Gowran. Everyone ran a great strong race and congratulations to Lucy who came away with Bronze in her age category.


A special mention to Sandra who had come back from holidays the day previous and had had to endure a 5 hour longer trip on a car ferry than she should have in stormy seas and gales, despite not being fully recovered she lined up and stormed home (excuse the pun!)

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Next up were the lads in the 5,000 at 3pm. Damian , Michael and Justin ran hard and played a blinder though the competition was strong.


Then we had a long wait until half past 5 for the Ladies 1500 in which I was the Sportsworld representative. Why didn’t I go in the race earlier in the morning!! My race started well but with my lack of recent training I struggled in the last lap but I managed a medal in my age category we will say no more about that!!

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Following straight after in the Men’s 1500 Martin, Wesley & Declan gave it their all.

Even though the races were hard and the competition strong everyone did the Red & White of Sportsworld proud and had a bit of fun during the day even if it was just to slag Nick about not knowing his wife’s age but all is forgiven!

A big thank you to Emily for all the coaching and encouragement and support on the day.


Sportsworld results

1500m W55
1st MELODY Aileen 6:25.93 (Gold medal)

3000m W35
5th DELANEY Anna 12:49.44

3000m W40
4th KELLY Ruth 11:19.09

3000m W45
3rd D’ARCY Lucy 12:24.29 (Bronze medal)
4th GOWRAN Sandra 13:24.60

1500m M35
8th HARRISON Wesley 4:40.43

1500 M45
7th KEENAN Martin 4:42.49

1500m M50
8th BRADY Declan 5:15.54

5000m M35
10th CUNNINGHAM Michael 17:31.16

5000m M40
5th KELLY Damien 17:00.60
7th MCKEEVER Justin 17:35.95