Report by Anna Delaney
Photos by Valerie Power & Catherine Mulleady

Meet & Train races generally take place in parks, on flat surfaces which are kind to the participants, many of whom are new to racing or making a comeback.   Not so on Sunday 21st February.   Meet & Train moved into the hardcore zone – Cow Park Dunboyne. A daunting prospect.  

Meet and train Dunboyne


The weather wasn’t on our side either.  It was grey, wet & windy.   Cow Park was bumpy, marshy & mucky.  A near perfect day for Emma and Laurence to try out their shiny new spikes!   The conditions didn’t stop a large crowd of eager Sportsworld women heading off on the 3 lap jaunt. It was tough going from the off and the pace brisk enough notwithstanding the conditions.

Valerie Power & Race Reporter Anna laughing it up!

First lap was OKish, we were still fresh enough to tackle the marsh, second lap it got tougher, third lap was just get through it.    Great to see some hardened supporters out on the course.  Thanks Conor, Jim and Dave for making the journey. Being a spectator on a day like this is nearly as bad as racing. At least we warmed up!

12728974_10153471490532993_2189563276810920509_n (1)

We were without our usual Meet & Train leader, Paddy, but Emily took over the reins and managed to fly around the course shouting instructions at us from various different spots.   Catherine was our first girl home. A really strong performance.


Quite a few other outstanding performances on the day – Breda had a great run as did Margaret who turned up straight from her sick bed.  That’s dedication!

Claire Rowley and Naoise also gained a few places from the last race.  We were a happy bunch once we were all safely over that line. The relief was heavenly!  We were practically revelling in the muck at that stage taking photos and all.  It’s all great gas when the hard work is over.  Then a 1m jog back to Dunboyne clubhouse and the nicest cup of tea ever. Well done everyone.   

It’s all to do again next Sunday in Cherryfield Park at 11am for the last race in the Winter league.