Meet & Train 09/10 Photos

The second Women’s Meet and Train Cross Country race of the season was held on Sunday, November 22 at Tymon Park. Although, thankfully, the rain held off for the race, the wind certainly didn’t and that combined with the effects of a week of torrential downpour didn’t make for great running conditions – ladies don’t forget to wash your spikes after this one!

Despite the wind and mud there was a great showing and the race was very well organized. Kudos to all the Sportsworld stewards and supporters who cheered and steered everyone through the course – and also to those who provided much appreciated refreshments afterwards!

It was a great day for Sportsworld with 4 finishers in the top 5. Edel Madigan scored another first place leading the field from very early on. Ruth Kelly came in second – an outstanding performance in her first ever cross country race. Louise Nolan followed in third and Mairead O’Callaghan in fifth. Congratulations to all who finished the race and looking forward to the next race of the series in January!

Report By
Mairead O’Callaghan