Race Report by Zoe Greene

Photos by Aggie Buckley, Paddy Lynch, Denis McCaul and Valerie Power.

After last week’s hardcore Cow Park in Dunboyne the sight of the relatively flat, muck free fields in Cherryfield was a very welcome one. Even the weather was being kind although there were some hailstones before the race the conditions for the race were ideal with the sun even making an appearance towards the end.


Race Reporter and 1st Sportsworld athlete home Zoe Greene!

The course was 2 laps of a series of 3 fields so quite varied. As the course was flat the pace was quick from the start and as it was the last race there was no holding back. The Sportsworld team were up there from the start, supporting each other through the first lap. They were being eagerly cheered on by a large group of Sportsworld supporters who were dotted around the course. Emily even had her hair done for the occasion!


The Sportsworld team held their places and a number of runners gained a few spots as the rest of the field started to tire. The second part of the last lap did seem to drag on and no wonder as it turns out the course was 2.5 miles although I think this meant we could have an extra biscuit after the race!


The entire Sportsworld team put in stellar performances with plenty of wrecked, red faces at the end. Of particular mention is Catherine and Anna who kept up the strong pace throughout and Breda who gave it everything right to the end.


So we are hanging up the dirty spikes for now and we are leaving the bumpy and mucky fields behind for the meet & train road series. Well done team!