Weeks 1 & 2 of a 13 Week Program

Week 1 Starts Monday 27 July 2009
Week 2 Starts Monday 3 August 2009

8-10miles EASY
This is to allow the body to recover from yesterday’s long run & for you to mentally prepare for the hard sessions ahead.

2mile Warm Up, 3x2mile PACE (3min rec), 2mile Cool Down,
2mile Warm Up,
2x1200m PACE (2.5min rec),
2x1000m PACE(2min rec),
2x800m PACE(2min rec),
2x600m PACE(1.5min rec),
2mile Cool Down.
The reason speed work is to improve your race times, make you stronger, faster & make racing easier.

12mile STEADY,
On grass if possible, steady runs are good for endurance, strength & getting used to running same time p/mile over longer distance.

10mile PACE RUN or 45mins FARTLEK,
The pace runs should be ran 80-85 % of marathon pace, this will give you an idea of racing at marathon pace with-out getting the body too stressed.

REST or 5mile V EASY
These easy/rest days are very important to allow the body to recover from all the hard stuff you’ve just put it through.It is to be enjoyed.

AM: 8mile HILL RUN,
Purely for strength & endurance, not speed.

Again, this is to recover & get rid of any lactate build-up in preparation for long run tomorrow.

18miles STEADY,
On grass also. Staying on grass means less impact on all joints helping too prevent injuries. These long runs are to get you used to staying on your feet for a long period of time building you up to marathon time & distance.

Training Program By
Emily Dowling