report by Bron –Winner Murphy-White

Ten miles, ten weeks from the marathon at ten past ten. Billed as “ideal preparation for those training for the marathon”, this was its second year in existence and a few of us decided to enter as we heard it was flat. It was relatively flat, but when you hear a race is flat and then there’s any sort of incline you feel a little bit outraged, so there were one or two moments of outrage during it. But, mostly, it was flat.

It was a very nice one loop course, around quiet country roads, with the last two miles straight along the canal path. When looking at the course map, the canal seemed like the nice bit, but it was a little gruelling due to a kind of sandy, gritty surface and a cruel hump back bridge just before that. I swore out loud when I saw that bridge at mile 8.

Weather conditions were pretty good, slightly on the warm side, but we were sheltered from the couple of rain showers by the trees along the country roads. I think it was windy, but I can’t remember.

The race was held by St. Coca’s Athletic Club and it was very smoothly organised. Very well stewarded along the route, and good support. It could have done with one or two more water stations. This will definitely become a very popular race, it was highly enjoyable and it was fast and would especially appeal to those who like a good post-race spread, there must have been about a million home-made cakes.

A few of us had decided we would go for breakfast in a nearby café, so we missed the prize giving, which was a shame as unbeknown to us, our incidental dream team of Maria Finnegan, Claire Rowley, Bronwyn Murphy-White and Rosie Mulhern won something for the first time in our lives. Then, due to ‘a recovery night’, ‘being late’, ‘the dog ate my homework’ etc, we also all managed to miss Myles’ announcement at the club on Tuesday about our inaugural victory. I found out via text on Tuesday night that we were prize-winners. Stop the lights. Ladies Team Bronze. We may retire now.

The dream team (taking themselves too seriously again) at a completely different race

Results (as always, apologies if anyone is missed):

Phil Kilgannon 58:31

Maria Finnegan 1:22:01

Claire Rowley 1:22:09

Bronwyn Murphy-White 1:22:13

Rosie Mulhern 1:22:34

Catherine Gilmore 1:28:06

Anna Carrigan 1:29:17