From Irish Mountain Running 2009

On Wednesday a small group of Sportsworld runners went to Wicklow Mountains to take part in Ballinastoe race – the longest and the most difficult hill run in the Leinster League (over 12k with about 500m climb).

The race started with a long ascent to the Wicklow Way then leveled and turned to the narrow forrest path where it was easy to fall down as twigs whipped your face and limited visibility.

Minutes later we were sliding down in the mud up to our ankles and jumping over fallen trees. Afterwards we continued the run on the uncovered slope and grass. Then the course turned back to forrest and we went to another long climb back to Wicklow Way and finally we sprinted last 2-3 kilometres downhill to the finish line.

Colm Kennedy was the fastest of Sportsworld runners and finished in great 12th place followed closely by Paul Mitchell who ran together with Colm for the most of the course. Jakub Splawski after a long chase crossed the finish line seconds before Liam McFadden with John Fitzgerald, Sean O’Byrne and Charile O’Connell also running.

12 Colm Kennedy 58 M 62:33
15 Paul Mitchell 61 M40 63:01
25 Jakub Splawski 36 M 66:12
26 Liam McFadden 57 M 66:23
116 John Fitzgerald 104 M50 85:11
117 Sean O’Byrne 427 M50 85:16
175 Charlie O’Connell 180 M70 130:40

Report by : Jakub Splawski

P.S: If you are interested in getting an introduction to mountain running, the Mountain Rescue Benefit Run on Aug 26th might suit – its a 6km course with 200m accent. Contact Paul Mitchell if you are interesting in running any of the IMRA events.