The Great Limerick Run, kid, took place last Sunday. This was the eighth running of the event, consisting of a 6 miler, half marathon, marathon and marathon relay. To my credit/shame, I have taken part in each one.

Race reporter Will

I have fond memories of each one, from 2010 when I was accompanied by a motley crew of Sportsworld participants including the Cratloe Hound, Packie Enright, who completed the run in wooly socks, and no shoes to 2014 when I, in extreme heat, towards the latter stages of the half marathon threw what I presumed to be ice cold water over my face, only to discover upon the first droplet reaching my skin, it was, in fact, an energy drink, and I proceeded to finish with every bug, fly and insect in the vicinity of the Ennis Road attached to my sickly sweet sticky face.

6 mile race winner and friend of the club Siobhan O’Doherty!

I’ve offered my thoughts on this race before and Gone into depth on the race etc previously. (

This year, a multitude of races in other parts of the country over the long weekend meant the number of Sportsworlders was lower than previous years. The weather was overcast with strong easterly winds to countenance on a number of stretches. The direction of the latter part of the course was also reversed and altered this year, which meant embracing the hills of the Ennis Road on two or three heartbreaking occasions.

As always, the atmosphere on the finishing straight was exuberant and made up for whatever hurt and hardship was felt on the course.

Sportsworld runners below. Hopefully next year we have more red and white runners in Irelands sporting capital 😉

No one

Half Marathon:
Will Greensmyth 1’40”

Six Mile:
Edel McNamara 40’54
Maria Jones 41’53
Zoe Greene 47’53
Michael Lillis 50’45