Cover photo by Darragh Muldoon

Report by Karl Chatterton

Tuesday night saw the 4th annual Grant Thornton 5k corporate challenge take place in Dublin’s Docklands. This saw many Sportsworld athletes ditch their club singlets in favour of their company’s colours!

The pre race downpours did little to dampen the spirits of the nearly 5,000 runners who lined the quays ready for the challenge. As we gathered on the start line I was quickly joined by many familiar Sportsworld faces.

The race set off in frantic fashion with the lead group setting a very fast pace. Despite the earlier rain, running conditions were good. A flat race that brought us up and down the Quays made for happy runners crossing the line.

The overall winner was Connor Dooney with a time of 1449. The team winners were the Run Hub. Sportsworld featured well in the results which can be seen below:

Paul O’Connell 16:01
Gareth Murran 16:28
Conor McCarthy 16:52
Kevin Curan 16:53
Karl Chatterton 17:00
Will Greensmyth 17:17
James Brady 17:30
Shane Toman 17:51
Susan McDonnell 19:12
Eoin O’Brien 19:22
Paul Duffy 20:42

Full results here: Grant Thornton 5k