Report by Margaret Crowley

Photos by Catherine Mulleady

It is that time of year again where Wednesday evening belongs on the track. The third graded met of the series was on in Irishtown Stadium. This was my first time competing a graded met on this track and I had no idea the number of runners this city centre location would attract.


Tara, Race Reporter Margaret and Catherine

I arrived at the track a good hour before my race, collected my number, dropped down my bag and went for a light jog. At 6:45, the stadium was already starting to fill quickly with both athletes and supporters. Faces are starting to get familiar at this stage but there were several I had not encountered before. Alarm bells should have been ringing at this stage that the competition was going to be tough but the sirens definitely went off when I got talking to two U17 girls in the bathroom who were nervous about competing with senior ladies in the 400m grade B met. Right, it was time to get serious, if I was going to be running with 17 year olds, a decent warm was more essential than ever.

It was after seven at this stage, and as I was striding it out on the track, our very own Justin McKeever was competitng in the 10,000m Championship race. 25 laps of the track, torturous to most but a delectable challenge to Justin who gave full commitment to all 25 laps.

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The 400 meters were up next. There was issue with the gun which held everyone up at the blocks for short period of time. I was in the second B met. After staying up past one o clock watching you tube videos the night before the previous met (Graded 2 in Tallaght), I did not have any race strategy. I wanted to have an open mind and run as fast as I could for as long as I could and that was what i did.


Next up from Sporstworld were Catherine and Tara who both competed in separate Grade C Mets. Yes, that it correct, there was so many entries for this race that there was not one but two Grade C Mets. Catherine finished fourth in her race with a PB. Tara also ran an outstanding 800m race in a difficult met with a very powerful finishing performance.


Damiano Celestini joined four other athletes from Crusaders in the Grade D 800m Met. Damiano strongly held his own pace and looked very relaxed on the track for both laps.


The final race of the night for Sportsworld was the Grade C Mens 800m race. The competition was tough for this race and this was visible from the starting line. Conor had a great start and was in second position passing the 400m mark. Karl, Derek and Wesley looked very comfortable going around the track at lightening speed and I can only hope that I will learn to run as relaxed.


Sportsworld Results

10000m Championship
Justin McKeever 37.06.98 (3rd place club record: click here)

400m Grade B
Margaret Crowley 68.84 (2nd place club record: click here)

800m Grade C
Catherine Mulleady 2.38.22
Tara Rhatigan 2.43.28

800m Grade C
Conor Keating 2.13.10
Karl Chatterton 2.15.70
Derek Saville 2.20.00
Wesley Harrison 2.20.18

800 Grade D
Damiano Celestini 2.40.84