Race report and photos by Eoin O’Brien

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The last Graded Meet was in Windy City last night at a bright but increasingly blustery Tallaght track. The Graded Track Series is organised annually by Dublin Athletics and held across eight Wednesday evenings during the summer, usually a fortnight apart utilising the tracks in Tallaght, Santry and Irishtown.

Each meet consists of 3 different track events and 3 field events. On the final night this year the chosen track distances where the 100m, 400m and 3000m. Each distance is then usually run 4 times from Grade A (the highest) to Grade D although they can combine races to save time i.e. run the Grade’s C & D together.

We had the usually posse role up to race with the notable exception of a post-honeymoon Catherine Mulleady who was spectating rather than racing. She might not yet be ready to race again but I found her strength & conditioning boxing class powers haven’t faded with the dead arm she give me.


Anyway there was only one story tonight, and that was Will Greensmyth going for and epic trilogy of racing in ALL THREE races on the night. Just like Goldilocks he wanted to dip his finger in all 3 bowls of porridge to see which he like best. And why not. Nom Nom.

The Trilogy Part 1: The 100m

First up was the 100m sprint. Sportsworld only had men’s representation in this event. Usual sprinting suspect Margaret Crowley decided to focus on the 400m (Margaret was late). So first up our resident sprinter David Saunders was in action. The blustery conditions meant our boy was running into a head wind from a standing start but undeterred he still blasted home in  a convincing 12.73 seconds.


Next up was Goldilocks Greensmyth with race 1 out of 3. He was caught Googling ‘proper warm up routine for sprinting’ earlier, as in 10 minutes before the race,  so all eyes (and cameras) where trained on him to see if he’d fall out of the starting blocks.


Up until last night there were only 2 out of 3 recorded times for the 100m in the official Sportsworld records; so even if Goldilocks walked this he would actually still be guaranteed a spot in the club records. But in fairness to him:

A. He didn’t fall out of the blocks and
B. He gave it a right lash running 13.75 and getting himself on to the all time club records page in 3rd spot (Click here)

Goldilocks Verdict: This porridge was a little too hot.


The Trilogy Part 2: The 400m

Margaret showed up by this stage and jumped straight into 400m action. Margaret’s been one of the most consist club performers at these meetings over the past couple of years. Starting out tonight she had a difficult lane 8, right on the outside, but got a good start and ran a great 70.07 into an ever increasing head wind on the home straight.


Next up in 400m action was David Saunders again for his second race of the night. That would be a big story in itself but sure we know who’s racing next. Dave ran a very tactical race biding his time before making his move in the last 150m, driving out of the last corner and keeping that momentum up as he ate up the last 40m,30m20m and across the line in first place knocking 3 secs off his PB and running the fastest EVER 400m recorded by a Sportsworld athlete of 54.81!. An excellent evenings work! 


Also in this race was new club member Brian Martin who had an excellent 57.57 on his club debut! A good enough time to enter the Sportsworld records in 3rd place for the 400m! (Club records: Click here)


Brian Martin (555)

Goldilocks Greensmyth was up next and back in the starting blocks (camera set to video, check). David Saunders had given Will the lowdown on how to run a 400m race and he executed it perfectly coming out of the last corner with the momentum gained to pick off a couple of runners in to cruise home in 59.42!

Goldilocks Verdict: With a strong headwind to finish with, this porridge was a little too cold.


The Trilogy Part 3: The 3000m

It was coming up to 9pm and you’d really notice the evenings getting darker. Well I did anyway with all my poxey photos starting to blur without the flash. I digress, again it was left to the men to represent the club in this distance. John Durcan up from Cork for the summer to train with us hopped into the Grade A race and had an excellent turn out in coming 4th in 9.19.81.


The Grade C race with Michael Cunningham and Justin McKeever turned into a thriller. The lads opening laps where very tactical sticking to the back of the main bunch and letting them do the hard yards. As the laps unwound a couple broke away so Michael assumed control at the front of the chasing pack with Justin just behind.


This continued until the final 300m when Michael had a blistering acceleration to pick off the couple of front runners and absolutely leave them for dust on the final 100m. He tore up that home straight as if he saw a new Pokemon Go. A fine first victory for Michael Cunningham in a big competitive field with tough racing conditions. Perfect timing with the national Masters on in 3 weeks.


Finally we had Goldilocks and Declan Brady in the second of the Grade C races. To complete the trilogy, Will just had 7.5 laps ahead of him. The race started well for our boys as they held on to the leading lights and sat back in the group. Goldilocks was looking particularly comfortable. It was only after 3 or 4 laps when the main pack dropped him did we fear that the 100m and 400m may have taken a bit too much out of him.


But fear not, like any good fan that travels regularly with the Irish soccer team he got a second wind. From about 50m back he dug in and caught the group. Not resting on his laurels with 900m to go he pushed on crossing the start/finish line in the lead with 800m to go. Will was stilling looking good out front on his own with 600m to go before the group reeled him back in for the final dash over the last lap. Still a great race with a solid finish after his earlier exploits.

Goldilocks Verdict: An exceptional run that nearly resulted in a win, this porridge was just right.


So to sum up:

  • Michael Cunningham had his first win in the 3000m.
  • David Saunders won his 400m race.
  • David Saunders now holds the club 400m record.
  • Will Greensmyth completed all 3 races and entered the club 100m records.
  • Brian Martin made it on to the 400m records on his race debut.


Well done to all who ran and thanks to all those who supported, Catherine, Aileen, Dave and Martin along with Myles who was timekeeping on the night. The drama didn’t end there as it turned out Goldilocks went home and tried all his housemates beds.


Till next year…
…unless you are over 35. Then you can race in the National Masters in Tullamore in August 21st.
Whoever said life begins at 40? To enter: Click here

Sportsworld Results

100m Grade C
Saunders david 12.73
Greensmyth William 13.75

400m Grade B
Crowley Margaret 70.07

400 Grade C
Saunders david 54.81 – Race Winner!
Martin Brian 57.57
Greensmyth William 59.42

3000m Grade C
Cunningham Michael 10.15.28 – Race Winner! Greensmyth William 10.26.34
mckeever justin 10.30.05 Brady Declan 11.28.88

3000m Grade A
Durcan John Togher AC 9.19.81