Dublin Masters XC 2019

There was a ladies 3K and men’s 6K for the Dublin masters. We have a race report first from Deirdre O’Connell and then Tom Kinsella.

For me, nothing beats cross country for getting to know your fellow club mates. Be that from the profile photos on the Ladies XC Whatsapp Group as I identified a few names to faces I’ve come to know (and chuckled at the unladylike of all questions being asked of said ladies, “Are you over 35 or 40, or 45?!”), to shouting in support of the Men’s race after our own slog was done. Naoise, standing beside me, would shout, Go Derrick, and I’d duly shout, Go Derrick, as if team-mates for years. I now know Derrick.

The day was smashing for a number of reasons. Many dry weeks beforehand, a few weeks ravaged with Christmas excess which would fuel the race, a surprisingly balmy day weather wise, a relatively short spin to St. Anne’s Raheny, and nearly 500 competitors in the biggest ever Dublin Masters field. I reckon each runner brought three more people too, as the crowds the entire way around our short 3K course were immense. And with a huge contingent of Sportsworlders, including many non-runners only there to support the rest of us, the mood was great.

22 of Sportsworld’s finest ladies slotted right into the massive field of 225 Dublin Masters. I’m too new to it to get involved in discussion on whether to have worn the spikes or not, I just put mine on, though I could have washed them since the mud carnage of Navan in mid December. Note to self.

 Turns out 3K is a lovely short distance, my favourite, and though a little caged in at the beginning, the field spread out soon enough. It was my second time running this one, a huge benefit in hindsight. I found the run “okay to semi-enjoyable”, ground was hard enough and only two laps of the route is pleasing mentally. I’ve never run to such huge crowds and cheers from the side-lines either and that part felt great!

Ladies Team

The Sportsworld ladies did very well. A call out and welcome back to Crona Brady, back after some time. The dream team of Noreen Brouder, Catherine Bambrick and Ruth Kelly came in second, to Raheny. “Would Raheny do it so well off their home turf? Come to Bushy and we’ll see!” hollered a Mayo born / Ennis bound Sportsworlder.

Well done everyone. You can’t beat that craic. Roll on Kilkenny.

2Noreen BROUDER00:11:46172F (2)
8Catherine BAMBRICK00:12:10170F (8)
9Ruth KELLY00:12:17182F (9)
13Mary FINN00:12:36178F (13)
20Maura GINTY00:12:51181F (20)
29Naoise WALDREN00:13:02189F (29)
41Patricia FITZMAURICE00:13:25180F (41)
48Deirdre O CONNELL00:13:36187F (48)
58Crona BRADY00:13:50185F (58)
79Eileen BUTLER00:14:22173F (79)
86Eileen ROWLAND00:14:34200F (86)
99Martina NOLAN JONES00:14:44186F (99)
107Rosie MULHERN00:14:53176F (107)
110Anne SWEENEY00:14:55201F (110)
127Siobhan CLARKE00:15:03195F (127)
134Ann HIGGINS00:15:10196F (134)
148Marie BRADLEY00:15:24184F (148)
149Maria FINNEGAN00:15:27179F (149)
164Ellen LAVIN00:15:55194F (164)
172Bronwyn MURPHY WHITE00:16:18192F (172)
176Sandra GOWRAN00:16:26191F (176)
179Aileen MELODY00:16:37197F (179)
Mens Team

The first cross country race of the year in St.Annes Park, Raheny always has a great turnout and so it proved last Sunday with massive numbers from Sportsworld involved as well as some fantastic support from the younger runners in the club (your time will come).

The conditions were dry and the ground fairly firm so this was an ‘easy’ home run of a race by all accounts – rubbish. Cross country doesn’t do easy!

Just a decision on what length spikes to wear so the track spikes it was.    

After the ladies blazing run which should be covered (above/below) it was over to the men.

The course is 6km (4 loops of 1,500m) with 5 turns, two concrete paths to cross(great for the spikes) and a log to hurdle.

There’s great banter at the start of the race when all age categories and levels are treated as equals but that ends as soon as the whistle is sounded and the elbows extended(the drone footage shows all).

As it was my second ever cross country race I decided to start conservatively, probably too much so which I was reminded of by Noreen on the first lap.

The aim was just to enjoy it as much as possible and acknowledge the ‘supportive’ comments from the familiar faces dotted all along the route. (high fives from Maria after the log jump an annual favourite!)

I stuck in behind Peter Knaggs for the majority of the race and overtaking a few runners along the way, thanks Peter!  

After the team photos it was over to the clubhouse for tea/coffee and biscuits as the awards were presented.

There were some excellent individual running and the Sportsworld women and men first teams both got brilliant silvers!

Well done to everyone on the day and thanks to Emily and Myles for making it all possible.

For parking I’d recommend two places :

If you have to head after the race Watermill Lawn just off Watermill Road and right beside the start line has lots of parking.

To make it easier when leaving after the presentations, park near Raheny GAA which is a 10-15 minute walk from the start line.

5Gareth MURRAN
16Andrew BRETT
36Brian BYRNE
43Kevin CURRAN
100Justin MCKEEVER
137Padraig LOOBY
157Johnny DWYER
162Joe BYRNE
163Brian CONWAY
165Jose CHAPA
170Noel TOBIN
182Declan BRADY
218Aidan CURRAN
224Peter KNAGGS
225Thomas KINSELLA (lapped runner)
236Noel LYNAM
237Derrick LONG
252Michael NIXON
2Ray Carpenter (M65)