Race reports by Catherine Bambrick and Brian Conway

Photos by Eoin O’Brien. Fore the full album: Click here

Full Sportsworld results at bottom

Womens 3k Report by Catherine Bambrick

Race reporter Catherine on Sunday

It was the Sunday after New Year’s Day and the annual Dublin Masters was upon us. The mince pies, turkey and red wine, a distant memory. My New Year’s resolution was to embrace Cross Country running and all the pain & suffering it brings!! 🙂

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Despite getting lost yet again driving to Raheny, I was determined to stick to the plan. I am not sure what it is about St Anne’s Park/Raheny directions, but I always seem to get lost going over there. On meeting Anna & Stephanie and with my New Year’s resolution to the fore front of my mind, I prattled on about the race being a short 3km and wasn’t it a lovely day etc. On recollection, they didn’t look convinced.

It was cross country after all, so the positive attitude was only going to last so long, starting with the warm-up, where Ruth and myself discussed our heavy legs and questioned how we were going to get around this “short” 3km course.

Next thing I know we are on the start line and the gun was going off. (Note to self…..do not stand too near the starter again, I can still hear the ringing in my ears from his gun!!!!!!). Then we were off, me practically sprinting with the fright, only to very quickly realise that it is not possible to sprint 3km and so I settled back into some sort of normal pace, whatever that is for 3km!!!!!!

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The race was fast from the off and with burning lungs, Ruth & I pushed each other the whole way round to finish 4th and 6th. The team bronze was secure with Stephanie & Lucy having great races, coming in 25th & 28th respectively. Eileen Rowland also had a super race to take gold in her age category and the W50+ ladies, taking silver in the team. Not a bad day’s work for the first weekend in January.

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At this point, I must take the opportunity to apologise to Ruth for nearly taking her out during the race. I was in search of dry ground underfoot, not realising that Ruth was headed for that very same bit of dry ground. What are the chances in the middle of St Anne’s Park? Ruth was so traumatised afterwards she didn’t remember until I reminded her over a cuppa 🙂

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There is always a great atmosphere at this race but I think this year the supporters out did themselves. You could hear shouts of encouragement at every corner and for that I would like to say a big thanks. It really does make a difference.

Mens 6k Report by Brian Conway

Race reporter Brian in action Sunday

This year’s men’s masters drew an unusually large entry. Such was the case that the race start was much slower than previous years as runners tried to negotiate the narrow stretch to the first turn.

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After this the race followed a course through open field and then the wooded area and back out again onto grass. As cross-country laps go, the St. Anne’s park lap is relatively flat and fast and seems to feel shorter than it actually is.

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The Sportsworld team – made up of Gareth Murran, Phil Kilgannon, Paul O’Connell, Michael Cunningham, Justin McKeever, Martin Keenan, Denis McCaul, Peter Knaggs, José Chapa, Johnny Dwyer, Brian Conway, Noel Lynam, Adrian Lanigan, and Aidan Curran – came a strong 5th overall.

Notably, Gareth Murran was running in his first Masters cross-country. Congrats to Gareth!

Paul advising Gareth on pension options

After the race, Raheny Shamrock hosted tea/biscuits in the nearby local hall.

Sportsworld Results

Womens 3k
4th Catherine Bambrick 12.15 (W35 Team bronze medal and 2nd in Age Category!)
6th Ruth Kelly 12.20 (W35 Team bronze medal and 3rd in Age Category!)
25th Stephanie Bergin 13.16 (W35 Team bronze medal!)
28th Lucy D’Arcy 13.22 (W35 Team bronze medal!)
52nd Anna Delaney 13.58
81st Breda Browne 15.02  (W50 Team bronze medal!)
84th Eileen Rowland 15.04 (W50 Team bronze medal and 1st in Age Category!)
97nd Sandra Gowran 15.13
106th Aileen Melody 15.21 (W50 Team bronze medal!)
125th Audrey O’Driscoll 16.18 (W50 Team bronze medal!)

Teams W35
1st Crusaders A.C.
2nd Donore Harriers
3rd Sportsworld A.C.
4th Raheny Shamrock
5th Clonliffe Harriers
6th Rathfarnham WSAF
7th Portmarnock A.C.
8th DSD A.C.
9th Lucan Harriers A.C.
10th Brothers Pearse A.C.
11th Civil Service Harriers
12th Tallaght A.C.
13th Balbriggan & District
14th Dublin Bay Running Club

Teams W50+
1st Raheny Shamrock
2nd DSD A.C.
3rd Sportsworld A.C.
4th Blackrock A.C.

Mens 6k
11th Gareth Murran 21.56
25th Phil Kilgannon 22.48
47st Paul O’Connell 23.41
53rd Michael Cunningham 23.52
73rd Justin McKeever 24.30
88th Martin Keenan 24.42
115th Anthony Gillen
118th Denis McCaul 26.05
170th Peter Knaggs 27.42
173rd José Chapa 27.51
183rd Johnny Dwyer 28.05
190th Brian Conway 28.17
213th Declan Brady
214th Noel Lynam 29.21
227th Adrian Lanigan 29.45
231st Aidan Curran 29.49

Team M35
1st Raheny Shamrock
2nd Donore Harriers ‘A’
3rd Crusader A.C.
4th Rathfarnham WSAF
5th Sportsworld A.C.
6th Balbriggan & District
7th Liffey Valley A.C.
8th Tallaght A.C.
9th Metro St Brigids
10th Bros. Pearse
11th DSD A.C.
12th Lucan Harriers
13th Clonliffe Harriers
14th Dublin Bay Running Name
15th Donore Harriers ‘B’
16th Blackrock A.C.
17th Portmarnock
18th Lusk A.C.
19th Dublin Front Runners