For me, a running club is about a lot more than running, it’s about people.
Like life itself, I’ve fallen in my attempts at eternal fitness and high running standards. After 2 years of flitting in and out of the club, I decided some months back to renew my dedication to the art of club running. I’m glad I did, I’d forgotten how much I missed the company of good, honest and cheerful happy people. I’d lost touch with long term friends and I’d missed out on making friends with the new generation. I corrected that. I returned and I’m enjoying every moment of my training, my friends and the enormously cheerful antidote to the stresses of modern life.

After running The Frank Duffy, The Dublin Half Marathon was a bridge too far for my current level of race fitness. However, renewed and restored, I know the value of a friendly face at an awkward mile.

I rounded up a few warriors and we planned our long run allowing us a quick coffee before running for our cheerful cheering point.
My Amigos for the day were Anne S, Ellen L, Brian K, Dermot B and Dave C.

The first real signs of autumn had arrived. The Phoenix Park at 8:45am on race day is a curious place. Cars parking, limbs stretching, twisted expressions and lots of “Ohhhh I wish”

Our usual car park by the Dog Pond was off limits. To be expected for a big event. Strangely, 2 Military Policemen guarded the entrance. As ever, our homing instincts stood in the empty car park waiting for the rest of our group. Then, something happened….

Sweeping slowly into our empty space came a grey non descript saloon quickly followed by a black polished Mercedes with colourful flags. We were caught off guard. There was just Ellen, Anne and me.
With the biggest wave and the brightest grin, our President, Michael D was right beside us. We waved back like 3 excited school kids. He lit up the gloom and clearly adores his job. Moments later, his helicopter whisked him away.

To our perch – pronto.
The great thing about the Sportsworld singlet is it’s easy to pick out. We got ready for the avalanche of athletes that follows the elite.
They came and our cheers lit up their faces, raised their heads and quickened their stride. We were as excited as they. More importantly, we were proud of our friends, their efforts and our club.

One by one we cheered our friends. Deep down, we wanted to be there too. Each had a goal, a dream and a vision. We admired their focus and their strength.

Our cameras clicked and we managed to capture most. No, of course it wasn’t important what they “looked like” what was important is that we recorded a beautiful day and a moment in time.

It took hours to mail the high resolution photos but I know that I’d want to see mine after 13.1 miles so all 72 were dispatched to Chairman Lynch who uploaded in a flash.

It was a simple easy day but it reminded me of what our club is all about – people, friends and support.

On my way home I reminded myself of that powerful little quote;

“The little things today will be the big things tomorrow”

Conor Kenny
September 16, 2012