From Track Racing 2009

Wednesday 5th August 2009

The final evening of the graded series for 2009 took place at a warm and sunny but breezy Irishtown stadium. First up was the 200m, and there were 2 grade C races. In the 1st Sportsworld’s fastest man Conor Murphy was an impressive gun to tape winner 27.08 and would have bettered this if there was somebody to chase. In the 2nd Packie Enright made his debut at sprint events and finished third in 27.52. It wasn’t a bad result for someone with no track or speed work of any sort done, but it wasn’t a sensible decision to race either with no preparation; one based on impulse.

Next up was the 1500m girls, and Crona was a decent 4th in Grade A behind fellow national senior finalists Lorraine Manning and Azmera Gebrezgi. In a mere 18 months running Crona has climbed to a level that no one would have expected of her, and the national championship of three days beforehand was her peak of the season. As a result she looked a little tired, and maybe should be on a break from running for a few weeks. She wanted to come back this evening to try for a pb but on such a breezy evening no athlete recorded one. Hopefully she’ll be very pleased with what she’s achieved this year, it’s rare that someone of such little experience progresses so quickly, and the Brady’s enthusiasm is something we can all learn from.

Conor was back in action at the 1500m grade D and did very respectably considering that distance running is not his event. With laps of 84, two 89s and a 56 second last 300m, he was driven on by Paul Duffy’s “come on Conor, you’re dropping off” along the way! Our next club member in action was another novice who punches above his weight, Gareth Murran. Going in grade C, he’d a super race with 3 steady 73s and a last 300m in 48 seconds. He was always to the forefront of the closely knit and cautious pack, looking like a contender and was leading with 120m left. Coming round the final bend the strong wind hit him hard and he was beaten into 4th place. However he did look the part and this maybe his event to concentrate on for next year.

The race of the night was undoubtedly the star studded mens 1500m grade A, bringing together the recently crowned national 10,000m champion from Kenya (who was skulling pints three days previously may I add!), the 800m bronze medallist,steeple bronze medallist, 1500m silver medallist, 5000m 4th placer and the 800m 5th placer. In a fast race it came down to a photo finish with the 5000m US based runner getting the nod over Alan O Brien (by only one hundredth of a second), Josphat Boit also running 3:48; with the wind ruining the athletes faster times they’d hoped for.

And so it was onto long distance which is what our club members are best at in most cases, and by now both the wind and sun had died down considerably. Having raced only 15 mins earlier, Gareth was next up in the 3000m grade C which he won at ease, displaying superior fitness for this grade. Grades A & B were combined in the final race of the night. Packie struggled with poor fitness to break 10 mins with kilometres of 3:08, 3:21 and 3:30. Conor, a glutton for punishment decided for yet another race this evening, and didn’t do badly at all. However Paul was the success story of the night with a pb of around 20 seconds. At the front he was in a group of 3 or 4 Liffey Valley lads and finished in 3rd place. Well done Paul. Also well done to the organisers for putting on a great series for everyone all summer. Another year has passed, and with the exception of a few BHAA races, that’s the end of the Irish track season for 2009.

Men’s 200m, Grade C (I)
1 Conor Murphy Sportsworld A.C. 27.08

Men’s 200m, Grade C (II)
1 Eoin Bradshaw Raheny Shamrock A.C. 24.97
3 Packie Enright Sportsworld A.C. 27.52

Men’s 1500m, Grade D
1 John Healy Dundrum South Dublin A.C. 4.44.83
10 Conor Murphy Sportsworld A.C. 5.18.76

Men’s 1500m, Grade C
1 Paul Gleeson Clones A.C. 4.26.28
4 Gareth Murran Sportsworld A.C. 4.28.93

Women’s 1500m, Grade A
1 Martina Mc Carthy Athenry A.C.4.38.33
4 Crona Brady Sportsworld A.C. 4.56.93

Men’s 3000m, Grade C
1 Gareth Murran Sportsworld A.C. 9.39.67

Men’s 3000m, Grades A & B
1 Ian O’Leary Dundrum South Dublin A.C. 9.06.39
3 Paul Duffy Sportsworld A.C. 9.10.57
8 Packie Enright Sportsworld A.C. 9.59.42
9 Conor Murphy Sportsworld A.C. 11.53.12

Race Report By
Packie Enright