Well if your marathon career is at an end or just taking a break volunteering is a good way of paying back for the races you have done. Last year 1000 volunteers where needed to ensure the marathon could take place and this year is no different. The volunteers are there to ensure that during the race runners are the priority on the roads and that no cars, bicycles or ejits get in the way. Volunteers also provide a very important safety role as unfortunately with marathons people can get in to difficulty but with volunteers at every junction on the route medical help is got fast. You don’t need first aid training and as I had to explain to some people last year, a few times, you don’t have to give the kiss of life to anyone. Sportsworld is responsible for half way down Fortfield road to Terenure crossroads which is mile 15 going into mile 16. Last year we got a cheque for €400 for the club and all volunteers got a good running jacket. So you get to see the marathon for free, you see some of the best Irish and international runners up close and if your lucky get to give them a jelly, you get a free running jacket and the 20 or 30 runners from our club doing the marathon get a boost as they go into the last 10miles. I will be taking names at the club house next week but I want to get the volunteer names as soon as possible so we get the jacket sizes people want. So we need 20 volunteers from 9am to approximately 1pm on Monday October 26th, we will try to organise breaks during the morning back at the clubhouse for tea, coffee and chocolate.