Race report by Ronan Murray


Sportsworld Shay Brady & Race Reporter Ronan Murray

Last November I decided that I wanted to try a race longer than a Marathon ( just because) , so I roped in Shay Brady , entered the Donadea 50K and told myself “it will be grand , I have 12weeks”

Next thing I know the alarm goes off and I discover it is 6am race day – Ahhh where did the time go – im not ready –I’ll never get around that distance. All of the usual panic moments before a race.

Fast forward to 9.55am , 4 nervous sportsworld runners are on the start line , myself , Shay Brady , Irene O’Connor and a late entry Claire Harrington . All have one goal in mind – Finish.


Claire Harrington

It was unusual not to be time focused and just run how you feel and we quickly settled into an easy pace. The race consists of 10 x 5K laps and I was counting them down by park runs “ only 8 park runs to go” , “only 7”and so on.


The first 25k or so were fine but then fatigue started and each lap seemed longer and it didn’t help that the leaders were lapping us. The first time the leader passed us we cheered him on, the second time we gave him a thumbs up , by the third time I wanted to trip him up.


Irene O’Connor

Finally it was almost finished “on the last park run” and all I could think about was getting off my poor feet and drinking cold beer, and like a mirage in the distance was the finish line. I had done it. I was over the moon.

All four of us finished and all four were happy and exhausted. If you fancy a challenge greater than a marathon, Donadea 50K is a good one . But be warned, if you’re an ultra virgin like me, it is a long long way.

Now what one to do next ??????