Race report by Sinead Tangney

Photos by Sinead, Naoise Waldron and Gemma White

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Race day / evening. Worst thing about an evening race … What to eat beforehand!? Getting pictures from Maria with her mars bar was tempting but I stuck to my ever trustworthy porridge.

Race reporter Sinead with a pint of pre-race porridge

We all gathered outside the Bord Gais Theatre with Eoin delaying the whole show saying he was running late dolling himself up for the night.

We dropped our bags, did a quick little warm up and headed to the start line.

The sea of red and white on the start line was amazing with other competitors commenting on the crowd of Sportsworld in the race. 53 Sportsworld entered into the race! Such a good buzz around and as half 7 got closer the nerves started to kick in.

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Generally I wouldn’t get too nervous before races but knowing that speed wouldn’t be a strong point of mine and the field of athletes in the race the nerves were most definitely there.

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After hearing names such as Shona Heslip, Laura Shaughnessy, Annette Kealy were competing and knowing I would never be able to compete with them made me feel more relaxed and I could just run my own race. In my head I had 18 mins but didn’t know how realistic that would be.

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The evening was warm with a slight breeze but really dead heat. Before the race people were asking if there was water stops along the course, which in my head I though “It’s just a 5k why would we need water”. About 1km in I could see what they were on about. It was so harm, humid and dead heat.

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The race started off quick and after the first kilometre I was roasting, gasping for water and all dry mouth. I could see Kevin ahead of me and tried to keep him in my eye sight but he pulled away as we were going down past the convention centre. Once we got to the three arena and turned to come back around I could see the 6th girl was just behind me.

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As we made our way back up along the quays I could feel myself getting more tired. First Micheal then Brian, then Mark going past me in the last 2km. I was fading but managed to make it to the finish line finishing 5th girl. Kate and Maria following closely behind in 14th and 16th and winning team gold for Sportsworld.

We all gathered around the finish line. Shouting each other on and congratulating each other. The support from everyone in the club never fails to amaze me.

Then it was time for cool down and on to the Ferryman for post-race analysis and hydration after a very warm run.

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In the absence of Lucy, Val led the stretching and yoga. There was one new move which I think she referred to as ‘downward dog’ which I couldn’t get my head around but I’m sure Val will be on hand to show us all at training during the week. Thanks Val. Once we were all refreshed and recovered it was time to quit and head home.

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However an anonymous source did say they saw Eoin stumbling into town and Tom eating a burger on Grafton St wearing his club colours but this is still to be confirmed.


Sportsworld Results – 49 finishers!

Michael Cunningham 17:29
Mark Hogan 17:34
Brian Hamilton 17:40
Kevin Curran 17:43
Sinéad Tangney 17:50

Diarmuid O’Sulleabhain 17:59
David Saunders 18:20
Martin Doyle 18:26
Emmet Wardell 18:41
Conor Keating 18:51

Anthony Gillen 18:57
Dermot Sullivan 19:00
Kate Kelly 19:11
Alan Hynes 19:22
Jose Cappa 19:27

Jim Browne 19:28
Noel Tobin 19:33
Maria Jones 19:35
Declan Brady 19:45
Johnny Dwyer 19:52

Damian Geraghty 20:13
Liam Lenehan 20:15
Gerard Neenan 20:26
Mark Heffernan 20:35
Neil Purdy 20:36

Sinead Staunton 20:41
Kieran Long 20:58
Crona Brady 20:59
Gemma White 21:16 – PB!
Anne Dalton 21:25

Denise Kilkenny 21:31
Patrisha Fitzmaurice 21:50
Caroline Conway 22:01
Katie Nugent 22:25
Ann Higgins 22:41

Thomas Kinsella 22:41
Ray Carpenter 22:55
Eileen Rowland 23:35
Breda Browne 23:59
Damian Celestini 23:59

Valerie Power 24:05:00
Ellen Lavin 24:12:00
Grainne Lynch 24:12:00
Maria Finnegan 25:18:00
Maria Forde 25:21:00

Niall Forde 25:26:00
Audrai O’Driscoll 25:29:00
Anne Marie Scanlon 25:37:00
Mary O’Hare 25:53:00