Report by Will Greensmyth.

Thanks to Anna Delaney for the photos! Click here for album: photos

There was a sizeable Sportsworld turnout for the Docklands 5k on Thursday evening. The race was organised by Crusaders AC and, as is the trend for club-run races, was very well organised. Kudos to Race Director, James Cottle and all his gang.


The out and back boomerang shaped course started on Lime Street, named presumably after the presence of old lime kilns in the area, as opposed to the fruit. The first kilometre took us up Sir John Rogersons Quay and across Custom House Bridge. We then hurtled down the North Wall Quay towards the Point/the O2/The Three Arena and then back the way we came. The conditions were generally in our favour with the only gripe being a headwind to contend with on the return from the Point to the Custom House Bridge. Once we turned back onto the southside, it was just over a kilometre to the finish and an opportunity for all the Sportsworlders to show off their impressive sprinting ability, honed in the fires of the Saturday morning Tallaght Track sessions.


The finishing line was adjacent to the 270 foot Mexican tall ship, Cuauhtémoc (shown at top of page). Launched in 1982, the Cuauhtémoc was the last of four windjammers built by Bilbao shipyards and is named after the last Aztec emperor who was imprisoned and executed by the conquistador, Herman Cortes, in 1525.

The rendition of Cuauhtémoc

Sportsworld Results at bottom of page. Apologies if we missed anyone.

Notable shout outs to the Real Paul O’Connell who finished an impressive 5th place. Catherine Mulleady and  Margaret Crowley, who like myself, ran their 2nd race in 24 hours. Both are now regulars at the Graded Track meets and had great runs on Wednesday night in Santry; Catherine raced the 1500m  while Margaret took on the 200m with an eye on Rio 2016. Well done also to Eoin O’Brien who was less than seconds away from a p.b., impressive going after a night of boogeying in a field in Kilmainham while listening to Beck on Wednesday.


Last night also heralded the returns of both Stephanie Bergin and Ruth Kelly. Great running as well from Chris Proby, a recent recruit to the red and white, albeit still officially an SBR runner til his big money transfer goes through in September – Chris will add serious talent to our cross country crew in the mud and gutter this winter.

Big Thanks to Anna, Ciara, Kevin, Orna and Paul for the shouts on the way around and to our friends from Crusaders for resurrecting and reinvigorating a great race.


Paul O Connell 16:32
Karl Chatterton 17:30
Will Greensmyth 17:50
James Brady 18:20
Chris Proby 18:27
Eoin O’Brien 19:33
Aidan Curran 19:45
Francis Mahon 20:16
Ruth Kelly 20:22
Stephanie Bergin 20:44
Joseph Haugh 20:47
Catherine Mulleady 20.52
Eileen Rowland 21:49
Margaret Crowley 22.59
Audrai O’ Driscoll 24:16
Alan Dignam 25:19
Stephen Willoughby 34:30
Sinead Mitchell 37:43