By Michael Cunningham

Last Sunday saw the official end to the 2008-2009 cross country season, for some it was pay off for a lot of hard work and for others running up hills in the rain and muck wasn’t the only pain they experienced. Even though a lot of the races involved giving up their Sundays (apparently a day of rest) and travelling to the hilliest, recently cow inhabited back field down the country, every race had a full women and men’s team.

The teams where made up of race veterans some of whom where able to make it on to Dublin or Meath teams and new club members who enjoyed the experience of representing the club at Novice to Senior and Dublin to National level for the first time. Below are some of the success stories of the year but more importantly thanks to new and old club members coming forward the club was represented in the team event in each of the races.

Dublin Novice
28th Sept 2008, Phoenix Park
Sportsworld Ladies Team 3rd Crona Brady, Louise Bruton, Susan McDonnell, Claire O Reilly

Dublin Intermediate
12th Oct 2008, Tymon Park
Sportsworld ladies Team 3rd Adele Madigan, Crona Brady, Ciara Foster, Claire O Reilly
3rd place Adele Madigan

Dublin Senior
2nd Nov 2008, St Annes Park
Sportsworld ladies Team 2nd Aoife Brady, Eimear Martin, Rachel Morgan, Mary Finn
5th Aoife Brady,
7th Eimear Martin

Under 18’s Inter County
23rd Nov 2008, Tramore Waterford
Sean Wall Gold medal Dublin team

Leinster Novice and Masters
26th Oct 2008, Avondale
Sportsworld ladies Master Team 2nd Rachael Morgan, Helen White, Kathleen O’Callagan
5th Crona Brady
11th Ronan Merrick

Leinster Intermediate
9th Nov 2008, Heywood
Sportsworld ladies Team 1st Aoife Brady, Crona Brady, Stephine Bergen, Lisa Dowling
1st Aoife Brady

Leinster Senior
18th Jan 2009, Tymon Park
Sportsworld mens Team 4th Phil Kilgannon, Ed McEntee, Ronan Merrick, Paul Duffy
Phil Kilgannon Gold medal Dublin Team
Sportsworld ladies Team 2nd Aoife Brady, Lucy Darcy, Rachel Morgan, Stephine Bergin
Aoife Brady and Lucy Darcy Silver medals Meath Team

National Intermediate and National Masters
15th Feb 2009, Tymon Park
Sportsworld Ladies Team 1st Aoife Brady, Crona Brady, Mary Finn, Adel Madigan
1st place Aoife Brady
Sportsworld ladies Masters Team 1st Lucy Darcy, Rachel Morgan, Helen White, Kathleen O’Callagan

National Senior
1st Mar 2009, Santry
7th Aoife Brady
Sportsworld mens Team 3rd Phil Kilgannon, Paul O Connell, Ed McEntee, Paul Duffy

All of the above I’m sure would give a big thanks to all of the supporters who came out to the races especially those with hangovers who still somehow managed to shout the runners on.