Decided later in the year to enter this one, seemed like a good challenge to finish the year. Drove down in the camper early friday, its a 4hrs trip and was busy as the hotel car park was the start/finish line. Just about got parking had dinner and an early night weather forecast was good little windy not too cold. Opted for the 9am start there was a great easy going atmosphere, many wheelchair athletes, even santa and his elves pouching there chair. Fair play lots of charity runners and a minute silence held, Frank Greally got us under way, I met Will Murphy from sportworld, also present Catherina mac Kiernan , think she did the 10k so she never got to meet me ???? .

The course was one of the most challenging I’ve done hills, hills and more hills, plenty of aid stations , bottled water and sweets, breath taking scenery over the coast , bit of chat with 2 lads who’s mates were in lanzaorte marathon also today oh the contrast ha????.

I was moving well but slowly and walked the big hills like most others, on 23 miles it lashed rain and the wind nearly knocked me over. Kept going and eventually crossed the line with a chap i met, slowest yet but delighted 4Hr 27, welcome tea, biscuits and soup at at the finish . Bit disappointed the pudding and sausage stall had just packed up. ???? Didnt delay as we needed to hit the road back for the xmas party , as i thanked lucy and my run results for a great job i got the added bonus of first 0/50 . First man Freddy Stuck, 2Hr 39.20, woman Charlotte Kearns 3Hr 18. Time to plan 2019 have a good one folks stay healthy and injury free