Tuesday May 22nd was a good night for the club as both the men’s and women’s took home the 1st place team trophies at the Enfield 5K. A  popular race in the Meath race series the Enfield 5K has been well attended by Sportsworld club members for some years now. This year was no exception.

Why is the race so popular? there is always a great summer atmosphere, a nice post race spread and a PB friendly 5K course. The course itself has a  few modest hills but with only two major turns in the entire race you are almost guaranteed to have a good run. Despite a chaotic start that slowed everyone down the race was very enjoyable. Full results below.

3 Pal Duffy Sportsworld M MS 256 15:35
8 Phil Kilgannon Sportsworld M MS 252 15:54
13 Gareth Murran Sportsworld M MS 103 16:00
22 Gavin Finlay Sportsworld M MS 50 16:34
38 Michael Cunningham Sportsworld M MS 34 16:55
40 Damian Kelly Sportsworld M MS 70 17:00
60 Anthony Ryan Sportsworld M MS 152 17:44
64 Conor Butler Sportsworld M MS 17 17:53
65 Nigel Burke Sportsworld M M45 221 17:57
69 Conor Tully Sportsworld M MS 273 18:01
75 Jean Wilson Sportsworld F FS 303 18:06
102 Aoife Brady Sportsworld F FS 243 18:49
107 Lucy Darcy Sportsworld F F40 128 18:57
119 Catriona Higgins Sportsworld F FS 255 19:14
127 Olivier Privat Sportsworld M M40 111 19:20

* Thanks to Trim AC for the photo…