Report by Anne-Maria Scanlon

The BHAA, or Business Houses Athletics Association if you want the full mouthful, has been going for over 40 years. It’s a voluntary “workplace athletic organisation whose aim is to facilitate colleagues to run together” ( Basically if you tell them where you work when you sign up, they’ll add you to a team of similar professionals – the big teams seem to the Teachers, Eir, Banks, ESB, HSE, Government Services…

Anyway, back to Saturday’s race.

It was a cold morning, almost baltic when the wind picked up (which of course it did). The hardest part of the event was battling the cold before and after the running!

I arrived in good time to the Garda Rowing Club for number pick-up, and then jogged up to the start near the Magazine Fort in Phoenix Park. There I met the lovely Carmel and Val (& Coco) for the obligatory self-doubt and pep talk to get us right up to the start line.

Pepped, but still Baltic. Val, Carmel, Anne_Maria and Coco (refusing camera, possibly overtired).

Then it was 3-2-1 and we were off.

Two miles, two laps (4 miles for the gents) starting on the flat, then into the rough grass, a delightful short downhill section with a sharp turn at the end to test out the spikes! Test passed and there was the first hill – a fairly steep one too, but I managed to dig in and get up with a bit of effort. At this point I wasn’t sure how the second attempt at this hill would go, but there was no point thinking about it now! The last hill on the first lap was a good short test of power. And then we’re off again into lap 2.

Race reporter Ann-Maria on her way to a team prize . (Up the Kingdom!)

As predicted that first hill almost got the better of me on the second attempt. Thankfully there was Val on the side-lines shouting at me to push on, which instilled just the right amount of fear in me to do as I was told and push on up that hill. Which left just enough for a sprint to the finish line (as if my life depended on it for some reason… I mean Myles wasn’t even there!)

Once we ladies crossed the finish line, it was almost time for the Men’s Race, and a chance to give them a bit of support on their way round. I have to admit, after the men’s first lap, the biting cold and the promise of a hot cup of tea and a bun pulled me from towards the refreshments back at the Garda Rowing Club. Sorry gents!

Well done to Anthony, Peter, Brian and Conor for great running in the Men’s race (you all looked great in the first lap!)

This cross-country was quite similar to the Meet & Train races, so if any of you gentlemen are moaning at the lack of opportunity to try out some cross country then this is the race for you. Next BHAA XC is February 15th in ALSAA Sports Complex Dublin Airport.

Ladies need to remember that the final Meet & Train is the following morning, so use ALSAA as an opportunity to hone your cheerleading skills!


Women 2 Mile

  • 34 Anne-Maria Scanlon 17.08
  • 45 Carmel Breen 17.57

Men 4 Mile

  • 56 Anthony Gillen 27.26
  • 59 Brian Conway 27.29
  • 85 Peter Knaggs 28.55
  • 139 Conor Kenny 34.09