Report by Grainne Lynch

Photos by Eoin O’Brien. Full Sportsworld results below.

Tuesday 31st May with the sun beaming down saw a big group of Sportsworld runners descend on Dunboyne AC to race the BHAA Dunboyne 5 mile road race. Spirits were high and in some cases (me) pre-race nerves were evident as we jogged the 10 minutes to the start line.


Race reporter Grainne with Padraig Moorehouse

Adrenaline was flowing as I innocently found myself positioned right up the front with the elite runners. Eoin O’Brien laughingly pointed out that I might be better off a little further back with the rest of the group (thanks Eoin)!

[ezcol_1half]IMG_4306[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]IMG_4315[/ezcol_1half_end]

Then we were off. It was a flat, fast, left course looping along quiet country roads. Being an inexperienced racer I took off like a bat out of hell! I ran comfortably alongside Conor Kenny until the 2 mile mark which had a much appreciated water station. Conor who was running strong picked up his pace while I began to regret my speedy start.


It was a hot evening so somewhere around the 3 mile mark a local resident had a sprinkler for us to run through and cool down. It was at this point that some other club members began to overtake me. Sandra Kelly and Valerie Power raced by me like a pair of greyhounds while I slowly began to lose the will to live.

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What kept me going was the promise of cake at the finish and the really nice motivational quotes dotted along the course. Soon we were on the home stretch. The race ended on the club’s track. As promised there was lots of tea, coffee, sandwiches and cupcakes.

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Everybody ran really well and all in all it was a very enjoyable evening. It was a well organised race with a lovely course. Well done all!!


Sportsworld Results:

Karl Chatterton 00:29:12
Noel Tobin 00:31:51
Jim Browne 00:31:57
Anthony Gillen 00:32:17
Peter Knaggs 00:32:20
Sean Donegan 00:32:34
Paul O’Connell 00:33:02
Eoin O’Brien 00:33:51
Denis McCaul 00:34:00
Jose Chappa 00:34:08
Sandra Armstrong 00:34:31
Adrian Lanigan 00:37:39
Emma Barry 00:38:42
Conor Kenny 00:39:12
Valerie Lacy Power 00:39:16
Madeline Byrne 00:39:16
Sandra Kelly 00:39:32
Catherine Gilmore 00:39:47
Gráinne Lynch 00:40:01
Audri O’Driscoll 00:41:54
Pauric Moorhouse 00:42:09
Sean Byrne 00:42:11
Phil Daly 00:43:13