Last Wednesday evening the 5th Dublin graded track meet incorporating the Dublin championships took place in a packed Santry stadium.  The men`s 1500m Championship was the event of the night,  with a blisteringly  fast race won by MSB`s John Coghlan in 3:44 ahead of a stacked field. This was the fastest 1500 metres run in Ireland this year and quite a few athletes getting PB’s.

Phil and myself (Gareth)  went out to take part in the 3K.  With the flood lights coming on and the seldom seen summer sun going down the race eventually got started around 9PM.

It’s been a goal of mine for a few  years to break 9 minutes  for 3K and  after a decent block of training it felt  like it would  be tough but manageable, especially with a great runner like Phil  setting the pace.  Phil being the only guy in the club I’ve never managed to beat over any distance. 3K is 7.5 laps at 72 second pace for 9 minutes.

The  race had around 20 athletes and quickly split into a few  groups with myself and Phil  right where we needed to be. Going through 800M in 2:21 we were a little ahead of the 72 second pace needed for a sub 9:00 minute performance. At 1 mile we were running 4:51.  At that stage we knew we were behind the pace but with a bunch of runners so close together you can end up running into the back of each other  and nobody wants to take it on, the race can slow down. Unfortunately this continued for a couple of lap around the middle of the race. In hindsight it would have been better to push on for a lap but  that easier said than done.

I arrived with lap to go in 7:49 and by that stage had fallen around 2 seconds behind Phil. Thinking to myself   that I could  make the time  up on the back straight and  then kick for home with 200 to go I had a game plan.

Unfortunately things don’t often go to plan in a race and  just into the last lap I tripped after getting a stray foot from behind.  Loosing another 2-3 seconds in the process it took me  50 or so metres to get my composure  back and my stride was broken.  A good kick from 200M out  was somewhat satisfying. Phil  finished strong in 9:04 whilst I was 4 seconds back in 9:08. We finished a respectable 9th and 12th  in a strong field. Not that far away and another crack of the whip later in the summer should see the PB in the bag.

Phil remain the man with a target on his back. 🙂  Bring on Dunshaughlin