Well done to the below club members who gave up their bank holiday monday to volunteer at the dublin marathon representing the club, some for the second year in a row. There where some serious blisters from continuous clapping, horse throats and there are some needed trips to confession after some of the ‘ your doing great’ and ‘ your nearly there’ to some of the runners at mile 15 in 4hours. There where two ambulances required for two runners who got in to serious medical difficulty showing the important role the volunteers did in getting help quickly. But all the volunteers got great enjoyment in seeing some outstanding performances from club members in the race.

Nick &Aileen Melody,James Benson, Sean Wall, Patrick Enright, Ciara Foster, Dermot Bates, Carol and Paddy Lynch, Stephen Willoughby, Padraig, Sean O Bryne, Laurence DeLair, Judith & Trevor Lloyd, Gareth Murran, Paul Duffy, Barbara McIntyre, Colm Kennedy, Michael Cunningham