Monday the 25th of October is the annual Dublin City marathon. The last couple of years Sportsworld has done the stewarding between Fortfield Road and Terenure Crossroads and once again we are looking for 20 volunteers.

You have to be at your junction around 9am and we normally finish around 1pm. The job involves stopping traffic going onto the course route (there are signs up weeks in advance and there are plenty of Gardai on the course), looking out for runners who might need medical attention and finally cheering on the Sportsworld members doing the race.

You get a good running jacket in return and the club gets €20 per volunteer and of course you get to see the marathon for free. There is always a good atmosphere and if you have ever done a half or a full marathon you should really volunteer at least once as it is the only way the events can take place. Send an email to the club website or find Michael Cunningham at the club if interested.
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