This coming Sunday is the National Novice Championships of Ireland, taking place at Charleville in Tullamore. Having been postponed before Christmas this one has been a long time coming. At the business end the race can be a significant step up from those earlier in the seasonwith a large field in both the mens and womens races.

Last year our athletes had to fight hard to get into the top 50 in the womens and top 100 in the mens. This year we  have two strong teams with allot of new faces. In addition the meat and train has been going great. Another positive this year is that the race will be easier to get to this year after the long drive to Coleraine last year.  With many runners having lost out on some training over the past few weeks it’s going to be an interesting race.

Changing, Parking & Presentation in Tullamore Harriers. Race times and teams below. People are meeting at 12PM at the club on Sunday. More details from  AAI here.

Novice Women 3,000m 14.45

Novice Men 6,000m 15.00

Changing, Parking & Presentation in Tullamore Harriers. A course map has now been posted.